Confederate Ft. Semmes Flag

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By Crusader1307

Ft. Semmes was a small earthen defensive position, erected by The Confederacy (during The Civil War), off The Coast of Texas (Corpus Christi). Garrisoned by several Southern detachments (numbering 100 Officers and Men), they would engage a Federal Naval and Infantry assault in 1863. Despite gallant efforts, (80) casualties would be counted by Confederate Forces with the capture of The Fort by The Federals. The Garrison Flag was unique. It's actual origins are unknown, but it is assumed that perhaps it was made and presented to the Garrison by ladies of the Town of Corpus Christi. Roughly the dimensions of a Standard Southern ''Battle Flag'', The ''Semmes Flag'' was a Red field. It featured the Blue Saltire which touched all four Cantons (corners) of the field. Rather than the placement of The Stars to represent The Southern States of The Confederacy (with The Saltire), they were placed in arrangements of (3) in each canton (for a total of 12). a much larger White Star was centered where the Salture bisected. This may have been to represent The State of Texas. The whereabouts of The Semmes Flag after the battle is unknown – possibly taken as a trophy or outright burned by The Garrsion to prevent capture.