Confederate ''Cross'' Flag

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By Crusader1307

Said to have been designed by Georgia Gen. Alfred Cummings, The Cross Flag was a fixture during the famous Siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi – during The American Civil War. Many Southern soldiers were forced into “Bomb Proofs” (or self dug shelters) – in the hills surrounding the City (to escape the massive artillery attacks that occurred daily. The Cross Flag was a common sight over the Bomb Proofs (so much so that many Union soldiers made joke of the fact that the Siege was a “Christian vs Christian” engagement). The flag consisted of a Red field with a solid White Cross set in the center. Often blue, white or gold borders were attached. Like many “Cross Flags”, the symbol was meant to convey that “God” was on the side of the ones who flew it (in this case, The South). The Cross Flag was seen less and less after The Siege.