Confederate ''Cassidy'' Battle Flag

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

While we have seen, The American Confederate States of America, a sectional breakaway Government formed from The United States in 1861, which declared War on the former – had several ''official'' National Flags used to identify their Government and Army. These were – The 1st National (''Stars and Bars'', 2nd National (''Stainless Banner'') and finally, The Last National. As previously discussed, the iconic and often controversial Battle Flag or ''Southern Cross'' was a Battle Flag originally adopted by The Army of Northern Virginia as it's Standard (and most adopted by Confederate Armies and Units). Of the many variants used, one that is often overlooked by Students of History is The ''Cassidy'' Flag.
Based on The Battle Flag or ''Southern Cross'', it was used only in The Western Theater of The War. Designed by famed Confederate General PGT Beauregard in 1862, it's name ''Cassidy'' comes from Henry Cassidy – a New Orleans Sailmaker.


Featuring the iconic Blue Saltire Cross on a Field of Red, The ''Cassidy'' Flag held (12) White Stars with (6) Pointed Stars, similar to a pattern used by American Colonial Forces during The Revolutionary War. Each Star was set in a series of (3), located in each Flag Quadrant. No Star was placed in The Center of The Flag, as is common with the tradition Southern Cross Battle Flag. Additionally, most Cassidy Flags featured a Yellow or Gold Border, not common with the latter. Regimental names, unit identifiers and Battle Honors were still used on Cassidy Flags. Few versions migrated East when Units were re-assigned, opting for the traditional Army of Northern Virginia Flag.