Confederate Army of The Kanawha

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

Rarely spoken of, but nonetheless important was the short lived American Confederate Army of The Kanawha. Formed in Western Virginia's Kanawha River Valley, The ''Army'' was one on the very first formations of a ''Confederate Army'' – at the start of The American War Between The States in 1861. With The War only 2 months old, and many Southern Militias being formed into Regiments and later Armies, The Army of The Kanawha would reach 4,000 Officers and Men. They would fight in two ''light'' engagements of The War, both in Western Virginia. One was a victory, the other a loss – but casualties were ''hardly noticed'' (per an Officer's quote).


With the proper formation of The Army of Northern Virginia, and Southern Units coming under a central Authority (The Confederate States of America), part of The Army of The Kanawha was absorbed into it. The other portion, some 2,000 Officers and Men would be sent West to support The Army of Western Kentucky. The Army lasted only 6-months.