Confederate Army of Kentucky Battle Flag

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By Crusader1307

The US State of Kentucky was one of the disputed Border States before The American Civil War. Central Kentucky had a strong Southern Sympathy, being where most Slave Holders and their Plantations were. The majority of Southern Slaves shipped into Mississippi and nearby Tennessee, came from Central Kentucky. Conversely, the majority of State Government was pro-Southern. The vast majority of the population was pro-Union. Hence, it was The State Government who voted to leave The Union in November of 1861. They raised very few Confederate Regiments for War. Quickly, Northern Forces ''occupied'' Kentucky. The majority of The War saw guerilla actions, mostly by irregular Cavalry – known as Partisan Rangers. The Confederate State of Kentucky was given an ''Army'', by the development of one from Confederate General E. Kirby Smith. Commanding The Army of The Trans-Mississippi, he created The ''Army of Kentucky'' in 1862. IT consisted of (4) Divisions of Infantry and (2) Squadrons of Partisan Cavalry. It is estimated between 8,000 and 10,000 Officers and Men may have been detached by Kirby. The ''Army'' only existed for 1 year. When Kirby Smith was promoted to full General in The Confederate Army, and owing to the high casualty rates, he absorbed The Army of Kentucky back into The Army of The Trans-Mississippi. The short lived Colors of The Army of Kentucky were unique for a Confederate Battle Flag. Based on The Army of Northern Virginia's Battle Flag or The Southern Cross, it featured a Blue Field instead of Red. The Cross was White rather than Blue with White Trim. All Trim and Stars (13 in total), were Yellow (or Gold). It also featured a White Border (much like The ANV Flag). No examples were seen in battle after 1864.