Confederate 9th Kentucky Infantry Flag

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By Crusader1307

The 9th Kentucky Infantry Regiment was an American Civil War Unit raised to support The Confederate States of America. Formed in 1861, The 9th consisted of (6) Companies of Soldiers (roughly 600 Officers and Men). They would eventually form part of the famed ''Orphan Brigade'' (so named for the merging of many Kentucky Regiments that had been badly damaged in battle and replacement Recruits were difficult). The 9th Kentucky fought at Shiloh (Tennessee, 1862) and were later deployed to help defend The City of Vicksburg (Mississippi, 1862 to 1863 – during the year long Siege by Federal Forces). After the surrender of that City (and their later Parole), The 9th would fight at The Battle of Chickamagua (Tennessee/Georgia, 1863), suffering heavy casualties. Regrouping to participate in the soon to follow Battle of Chattanooga, they (as would The Confederate Army) – be pushed towards The City of Atlanta, Georgia (1864) – and helped to slow Union General Sherman's advancing Army. Suffering too many casualties to reform, The 9th was converted over into a Mounted Infantry Company (roughly 100 Men). They would serve as a harassment Unit outside of Savannah, Georgia to Federal Troops there. They would surrender in May of 1865 (a month after The Civil War officially ended). The Regiment had (14) Members of it's Command named on The ''Confederate Roll of Honor'' (The Southern version of The Federal ''Medal of Honor''). The Flag of The 9th Kentucky was based in part on The Confederate ''First National'' Flag, This was a Field of (3) Horizontal Stripes of Red, White and Red. The Upper Left Canton of the Flag featured a Blue Field with (11) White Stars arranged into the shape of a Christian Cross.