Confederate 5th Florida Infantry Battle Flag

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By Crusader1307

The 5th Florida Volunteer Infantry was formed in 1862 to fight with The Confederate Army during The American Civil War. Part of Perry's Brigade, The 5th was attached to 2nd and 8th Florida Infantry, due to the overall small size of all three Regiments (600 total). They would fight at several major Civil war Battles, including Gettysburg. There, The 5th participated in General George Pickett's Charge against Federal Forces. Over half of their number were killed in this action. When The 5th Infantry surrendered in 1865, only 147 Officers and Men survived. The Flag of The 5th was based on The Army of Northern Virginia's Battle Flag, which was The ''Southern Cross'', a Red Field with Blue Saltire. (13) White Stars, arranged in a series of (3) on each Canton, with the 13th centered. Located in the Upper Top Flied of The Flag was the Unit identifier ''5th Florida''.