Confederate 49th Alabama Infantry

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

Formed in 1862 from (10) Counties within The State of Alabama, The 49th Regiment was part of The Kentucky Brigade under Confederate General John Breckenridge. Mustering roughly 800 Officers and Men, The Regiment's ''baptism by fire'' was at The Battle of Shiloh (Tennessee). They suffered 113 Killed and wounded. Re-organized, The 49th was deployed to participate in the beginnings of The Federal Siege of Vicksburg (Mississippi). They again would suffer close to 400 casualties as a result. Merged with other Alabama Regiments, but still retaining their numerical designation, The 49th was sent to fight at Port Hudson (Louisiana, 1863). There, The Regiment suffered half of them killed and the rest captured by Union Forces. At this point during The American Civil War, soldiers captured could be exchanged with a like number of Enemy prisoners. Thus, 300 odd soldiers of The 49th would be returned to The War.


The Regiment would again face it's hardest fought battle at The Siege of Atlanta, Georgia in 1864. Defending against Union General Sherman's onslaught, The 49th would be reduced to a scarce 100 of Men. When they surrendered in 1865, only 50 could be accounted for.