Confederate 31st Alabama Infantry Flag

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

The 31st Alabama Infantry Regiment was formed in 1862 to support The Confederate states of America (of which Alabama was a Member). The Regiment consisted of over 1,200 Officers and Men. Assigned to The Department of The Mississippi and East Louisiana, The Regiment fought at The Siege of Vicksburg. Part of the initial surrender of Confederate Forces there, The Regiment was paroled and would be reformed.


Fighting at The Battle of Chattanooga (Tennessee), The Regiment would lose over 300 Officers and Men. By the end of The War, only 100 could be mustered out. The Regiment used The First National Flag as their Standard, with some modifications. Of noted, The Upper Left Canton, while Blue showed (13) Semi-Circled Stars placed over a White Christian Cross. The phrase ''God and Our Native Land'' was placed under The Cross. The Center White Stripe of The Flag bore The Regiment's Name ''Thirty First Alabama''. Only (1) example is known to still exist (Museum) in Alabama.