Confederate 1st South Carolina Rifles

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

The 1st South Carolina Rifle Regiment was formed in early 1861, to support South Carolina breaking away from The Union and forming The Confederate States of America (of which other Southern States would join). The Regiment consisted of (10) Infantry Companies recruited from Counties in and around Charleston, South Carolina. Commanded by Colonel James Orr (of which ''D'' Company was named ''Orr's Rifles''), later in The War – the totality of The 1st Rifles would be identified as ''Orr's Rifles'' (despite the fact that Orr had left The Regiment in 1862). The Regiment was given a Garrison assignment in and around Charleston Harbor. This allowed most soldiers to Quarter at their Homes! When on Duty, wives and Family would bring them foods and sweets – earning them the derisive nickname of The ''Poundcake Brigade''.


The humor would last but briefly. In mid-1862, all 1,000 Officers and Men were transferred to General Thomas Jackson's Command, in The Army of Northern Virginia. The Regiment would go one to fight in some of The Confederacy's most epic and often tragic battles. 40% of The Regiment was lost at Pickett's Charge at The Battle of Gettysburg (1863). When The 1st South Carolina surrendered at Appomattox Court House (Virginia) in 1865, on 150 Officers and Men could be accounted.


The 1st South Carolina was noted for it's Frock Coats in Cadet Gray, trimmed in Black. Initially, they wore The Federal Hardee Hat, but these would be replaced by Kepi and later Slouch Hats. Their Regimental Standard was The South Carolina State ''Blue'' Flag.