Confederate 1st South Carolina Light Artillery

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

A well known and somewhat distinguished Confederate Artillery Unit, the so called ''Darlington Rifles'' were recruited from surrounding Darlington County, in South Carolina in 1861 – to serve in The American Civil War. History records these volunteers were the very first to enlist in a Civil War Army. The ''Rifles'' quickly changed into a Light Artillery Battery and named themselves The ''Pee Dee'' Light Artillery (the name ''Pee Dee'' is in reference to the nearby Pee Dee River. The Unit by 1862 wished to become an Infantry Unit in 1862, and although skilled as Artillerymen – left their Guns for Rifles. Unfortunately, this reassignment only lasted a year. They were made into a Light Artillery Battery yet again. Those surviving Soldiers readopted their old nickname of ''Pee Dee'' yet again.


Fighting in several major Battles as Light Artillery, to include Chancellorsville and the epic fight at Gettysburg, The Battery was deployed back to South Carolina, were it took up defensive positions at Charleston Harbor. The Unit was forced to surrender in 1865 at the end of The War. Of note, The Flag of The Pee Dee Artillery was never captured or turned over to Federal Forces as a trophy. Prior to surrender, The Flag was wrapped around the body of Battery soldier (concealed). Never searched, the Flag was passed down from Battery Member to Member (upon death). It was eventually given by the last battery Member to The State of South Carolina in 1926. It is currently in The State History Museum.