Confederate 1st Georgia Infantry Flag

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

The 1st Georgia Infantry Regiment was (2) Battalions of Confederate States Infantry raised after The Fall of Ft. Sumter (SC), at the start of The American Civil War. (7) Regiments formed The 1st Battalion and (6) formed The2nd Battalion. Macon, Georgia was the Home County of The Regiment. The 1st Georgia served with Confederate General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, primarily in The Eastern Theater of The War. The participated in (8) major Battles, most notably Antietam (Maryland) and Fredericksburg (Virginia). In both instances, The Battalions suffered heavy loses. The surviving Regiments would be detached from The Army of Northern Virginia, being sent to General Joe Johnson's Army (Carolina). He would surrender with his Forces in May of 1865.


The Regimental Colors of both Regiments was a Blue Field in entirety. Centered on The Field was a full color representation of a raised Rattlesnake with a Lower White Banner which read ''Don't Tread On Me''. This was a direct linage to The American Revolutionary War ''Gaddsen Flag'', used by The Continental Army. Battalion identification (also in White) was placed in the Upper Left Canton, closest to The Hoist.