Confederate 1st Cherokee Rifles Regiment Flag

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

With the displaced Native American Cherokee Nation ''siding'' with the young Southern Confederacy of 1861, The 1st Cherokee Mounted Regiment (known as ''Mounted Rifles''), was formed near Fort Wayne (Northern Oklahoma Territory), in June of that year. The Regiment was commanded by Native American Officers with Men recruited from throughout The Nation. Roughly 1,100 Men originally served under The Confederate Flag. The Regiment fought in several key battles and skirmishes in Kansas (which was still bitterly split with regards to State Loyalty). However, when directed to fight fellow Native Americans (even accepted Enemy Tribes), The 1st Cherokee balked. They enlisted to ''Fight The Yankee''. Perhaps this and difficulties in pay – caused The Regiment to desert by September by half it's number. Reformed under legendary Commander Stand Waite, The Regiment would go one to serve with an excellent Battle Record until 1864, when they massacred a captured Union Company of African American Cavalrymen. The Regiment was disbanded in 1865 when The War ended.


Their Flag was based largely on The Confederate ''First Nation'' Colors (known as The ''Stars and Bars''. This was (3) vertical Stripes of Red, White and Red. The Left Canton was Blue, and featured (11) White Stars arranged in a Circular pattern (to represent each Confederate State). Inside this image was a series of (5) Red Stars, each representing a different Cherokee Nation within The Confederation. The White Stripe (Center of The Field), bore The Regiments name ''CHEROKEE BRAVES'' in Red color.