Compagnie d'Ordonnance

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Formed around the 15th Century in France, The Mercenary Company known as The “Compagnie d'ordonnance”. Developed from “Free Companies” of non-bound Soldiers to a Noble or King – The “Ordnance Company”, were commissioned to root out Banditry in France. So effective, that they continued using their “skills” into Mercenary life. Many of these Soldiers, Men-At-Arms and related, had also learned their training during many of The Hundred Year War battles in France. After many Truces, most went off to form Mercenary Units such as The “Ordnance Company. They would fight in Italy and Central Europe. Many Companies such The “Ordnance” would go on to form Rifle and Archery Militias, preferring to “hire out” only to The French King when needed. They did not enjoy as much success as they should have, with most of these Mercenary Units abandoned in the 17th Century.