Columbus Expedition Charter Flag

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By Crusader1307

As we have seen, Explorer Christopher Columbus (Colombo), had his own “Personal” Flag that he used on his voyage of discovery to The “New World”. Conversely, he flew The Imperial Colors of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. As a “Charter Ship” (privately built, although funded by Spain), he was authorized to fly The Spanish Charter Flag. This Flag was much smaller than all other Flags used. Rather than the standard 25x25 foot Colors, The Charter Flag was around 8x8 feet. It was a bright Yellow Gold Color with a Red Burgundian Cross (a variant of The George Cross).


Columbus' Charter Flag would have been flown from the Top of the Forward Mast. Historically, many future paintings by Artists, show Columbus bearing this Flag with him when he made landfall in The Caribbean. This is however false, as he would have bore The Imperial Colors – claiming the Land in the name of his Lieges (and benefactors), The King and Queen.