Columbus Expedition of 1492 Flag

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By Crusader1307

Designed for the Christopher Columbus Expedition of 1492, this Banner flew on all 3 ships in Columbus' “Fleet” (''Santa Maria'', ''Pinta'' and ''Nina''). It was his personal “emblem” and would have flown next to the Royal Standard of The Spanish Empire of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. The flag was white in it's entirety. A series of monogrammed letters featuring “F” + “Y” were stitched in green and set in the center. These letters stood for “Ferdinand” and “Ysabel” (although not a proper translation in Spanish OR English and may have been a “pet” name). Often times referred to as “The Captain's Ensign”, the flag survived Columbus' discovery of The New World and made it's way back to Spain. Preserved for hundreds of years, it's fate past the 17th Century is unknown (save for Period drawings and descriptions).