Colada Sword

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Although the previously discussed ''Tizona'' was the best known of the “Legendary” Swords of great Spanish Warrior Rodrigo Diaz (aka “El Cid''). It was rumored that he had as many as 12 different Blades. One of his most used after “Tizona” was The Blade “Colada”. Dating to the 9th Century AD, “Colada” was a “Quillion” styled Blade, roughly 40-inches long. A Double-edged Sword, it featured an open “D”-Guard Hand Hilt protector. It is unclear if El Cid would have carried “Colada” (his backup Sword) in a Scabbard. Most of El Cid's “Battle Blades” were collected and stored in The Royal Palace of Madrid. Repairs in the 16th Century , repaired the Blade (suffering from age). “Colada” translates to “Cast Steel”.