Closed Helmet

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By Crusader1307

Designed in the 15th Century, the Closed Helmet was simply a two-piece protective head covering. The larger component (Helmet) was one large piece (slipped over and on top of the head). A simple visor was installed (which could be opened or closed). The space between the top of the visor and the helmet provided adequate front vision (but poor side views). This type of helmet is probably the most recognized of all Medieval helmets. Some variations were constructed of 3 components (full back, front and visor piece). In this fashion, the 2 front and back pieces were connected via leather strapping, with some experimentation of spring loaded studs attempted. Closed Helmets were well made and usually afforded only by the wealthy. They could also be used in Joust Tournaments as well. Some versions of these helmets survived into the 17th Century.