Clerkenwell Bridewell Prison

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By Crusader1307

Clerkenwell Bridewell was a specialized Prison which was located in London, England. First constructed in 1615 AD, Clerkenwell Bridewell was ''designed'' to house both those convicted of Prostitution and of Vagrancy. Both criminal offenses were rampant throughout London and to a point, uncontrollable. In attempt to negate them, The prison was constructed to remove violators and thus deprive The City of London of both Vice and the perceived criminality which accompanied Vagrancy. In addition, Bridewell served as a ''containment'' for those ''Fallen Women'' suffering from a variety of sexually transmitted diseases – seen as a ''workplace hazard''. Bridewell was destroyed in several ''Great Fires, and finally reconstructed in 1794. still used as it's intended containment, Bridewell would remain functional until 1877, when it was torn down and replaced. Elements of the original structure were still used as late as 1960, as a Juvenile Detention Center.