Christopher Moody

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Born in England around 1694, little is known of Captain Moody's life. What is known is that he was a firm believer in showing “No Quarter” (or mercy) to captives. It has been speculated that he started out with Bartholomew Robert's crew, and that his aggressive nature earned him command of one of Roberts “Pirate Flotilla” vessels. He may also have served (as many future Pirates did) in The Royal Navy. Although not as prolific as his more infamous counterparts, Moody made a name for himself attacking many of the Slave Trade vessels working the African Coast. He is also belived to have been active off the Carolina (New World) Coast around 1718-1719. He was captured in 1722 off Ghana and hanged. He was known for his very distinctive Jolly Roger Flag. His colors were translated to mean “Your time is up....and if captured, You Will be Put To The Sword”.