Christopher Condent

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Born in Devon, England in 1690, - Condent started out his “sea training” aboard an American 12-gun Privateer Sloop (as a Quartermaster). He saved his ship from a crew member who was trying to blowup the ships powder magazine (by killing him in the act). After a capture of an English Ship “Duke of York”, the crew elected him Captain. Around 1718, the then Governor of The Bahamas (Woodes Rogers), declared “war” against Piracy in his region. Condent and his crew took to work along the South American Coasts – taking many Spanish and Portuguese ships and cargo. He captured a Dutch warship (naming it “The Fiery Dragon”). With his new Flagship, Condent and his crew began to build a “Flotilla” of captured vessels (English and Spanish). Heading towards The African Coast, they attacked Slave ships (for cargo).


Condent united briefly in a “Wolf Pact Brotherhood” with famed corsairs Edward England and John Taylor. Their Fleet of ships wrecked much havoc on the African Slave Trade during the early 1720s. Condent sailed back to The Bahamas (with a sizable fortune) and was able to secure a Pardon from Governor Rogers. After settling with his crews, Condent actually settled down and retired from the life of a Pirate – marrying the Governor's sister-in-law. Having next moved to France, he settled into the life of a well-off Merchant. Condent was one of the very few Pirates to actually “survive” into old age relatively unscathed (as opposed to jail or execution).