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By Crusader1307

A Women's shoe popularized on the 15th thru 17th Centuries, The Chopine developed in Venice. Developed for Courtesans, they would be adopted by by wealthy Patrician women as well. The forerunner of The Platform Shoe and High Heel, Chopines were designed to add height and create a more "statuesque" appearance. It also allowed "Noble" women to "look down upon perceived "inferiors"). Some versions actually measured 20-inches tall! These models required Attendants to be present whenever a Lady had to stand or walk. Such shoes actually required a Venetian Law in 1430, that regulated them to only 3-inches. Made of cork or wood, when the style came to Spain and France, they were made of metal, often covered in leather, velvet or silk. Chopines were also elaborately decorated. The shoe portion was traditionally laced by let her ties. Some Historians link European Chopines with styles seen in China (again used by Courtesans). These versions are sometimes referred to as "Clogs".