Ching Shih

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Her "Family" name being unknown - Ching Shih was another of the few female Pirates. As a woman in China, this was no small feat. Born around 1785, she grew up around the Docks of Canton Provence. Orphaned and without prospects, Ching became a prostitute. Plying her trade on Canton's infamous "floating brothels", she attracted the attention of China's number one Pirate - Zheng Yi. Impressed with her head for business, cunning and utter ruthlessness, they married in 1801. Ching and Zheng would go one to form one of the most dread Pirates Flottilas ever seen. The "Red Flag Fleet", consisted of 1,500 ships and close to 60,000 men. In 1807, Zheng was killed in battle. Through her guile and abilities, Ching established herself as Head of the Red Fleet. She began to not only prey on Imperial Treasure Ships, but developed an immense fortune, sailing her Fleet up and down the coast of China - extorting villages for "protection monies". The Imperial Navy had enough. They began to marshal a large Flotilla for the purpose of ridding China of The Red Flag Fleet. However, as was custom - amnesty was offered to all those Pirates the wished it. No charges or executions would occur if they just walked away. No reason is given as to why Ching Shih decided to leave. Maybe she was tired (and quite wealthy). At any rate, she accepted amnesty. The Red Flag Fleet splintered in many Pirate Flotillas or individual ships. Ching was said to have re-married and lived out her life in luxury.