Chinese Yan Wei Pai Shield

  • Armor
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By Crusader1307

Favored by Ming Dynastic Military Forces known as The Lang Bing or ''Wolf Troops'', The Yan Wei Pai was a type of common Field Shield. Made of wood (with some few Iron versions), these pieces of Armor protection were very similar to The European Pavise. They were common only among The Lang Bing of the 15th Century AD. Noted for their notched or ''Swallow-Tail'' Top – this was to allow for placement of Spear, Pole Arm or Sabre. In usage, The Yan Wei Pai would be placed to the front of The Soldier, allowing Him to place His weapon in the notched opening. He could then thrust or stab a Foe with relative safety. The Yan Wei Pai was barely 3-feet in length with a width of 2 to 3-feet as well. These Shields were not designed for ''cooperative protection'' of other Soldiers with Shields (as was the common tactic in many Ancient Armies). The Front of The Shield was often highly decorated (painted) with mythological beasts and ''demons'' for ''psychological warfare''.