Chinese Tang Dynasty Flags

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By Crusader1307

The Chinese Tang Dynasty existed from 618 AD until 907 AD. By the end of The Dynasty, The Tang controlled almost one quarter of China. They were considered to be the apex of Ancient Chinese Culture, contributing to great advancements in Education, Art and establishment of a stable Class Order within The Country. The Tang also refined Government Agencies and their usage throughout The Dynasty to stabilize China. The Tang also instituted an effective Militia System. While their Standing Army was thought to be around 200,000 Professionals (Soldiers, Officers, etc.) - The Tang System could amass over 1 Million Conscripts if needed. The War Banner used to identify The Tang was a Vertical Hanging Design, suspended from ''T'' of ''L'' Poles. The overall shape was a non-squared or half-''flattened'' circle. A Yellow Field encompassed the entirety of The Banner. Bordered by a Black Spiked perimeter, The Center of The Banner featured The Tang identifier of a Sun, The Blue Sky and both enclosed by The Moon. A .Black Streamer was added at The Top (extending to The Fly). The Dynastic Flag was somewhat different. Towards the end of The Dynasty, The Flag was a Red Field in it's entirety. Centered was a Golden Sun, with The Sinograph of The Empire in Black Letters. Some versions had a Gold Perimeter (Border), other nothing.