Chinese T-69 Tank

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

First introduced in 1982 as a Main Battle Tank, The Chinese People's Army T-69 is still in active inventory with that Nation's Army. Much of it's design was based on The Soviet T-54 Battle Tank. Although unclear how many were produced – many were sold to other Countries (such as Iraq). Many were captured by US/Coalition Forces during The Gulf War of 1991. Crewed by (4), The T-69 weighs 40-tons and is 20-feet in length (with a width of 9-feet). A dual tracked vehicle, The T-69 uses a non-designated Diesel Engine capable of 580-HP. Land speed (over open terrain) is rated at 50-mph. Armor plating throughout is 4-inches. Primary armament includes a 100mm-Main Gun supported by either a 7.62mm (Coaxial) Machine Gun or 12.7mm Machine Gun. There are roughly (10) variants.