Chinese Shenyang J5 Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

For The Chinese, a 1st Generation Fighter, The Shenyang J-5 (Code Named ''Fresco'') was first produced for The People's Liberation Air Force in 1956. The design was based heavily on Soviet ally MIG Fighters of that Era. The J-5 was a fairly reliable Fighter Interceptor, designed to engage Enemy Long Range Bombers. Over 1,800 J-5 Fighters were produced and deployed until 1969. Piloted by (1), The Shenyang was 36-feet long with a swept wing pattern wingspan of 31-feet. Using a single afterburning Wopen WP-5 Engine, The J-5 could achieve 700-mph with a 900-mile operational Mission range. The Shenyang operation ceiling was robust at 55,000-feet. Weapons packages varied, with a standard deployment of (1) 37mm Cannon (nose mount) and (2) 23mm Cannon (wing mount). No AA deployment configurations were developed, as The J-5 was seen as a ''close range'' Interceptor. Many World Nations imported The J-5, as either part of their Air Force or (as with The United Stated in the 1970s) – as ''Threat Analysis'' Training devices (Opposing Forces Fighters OPPFOR).