Chinese Qiang Spear

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By Crusader1307

Considered one of the ancient “primary” Chinese weapons, The Qiang Spear was a melee weapon going back to pre-Dynasty times. The head of the spear was either stone, jade, bronze, iron or steel. Often a double-edged head that featured a sharpened point. The head was attached to 8 to 12 foot wooden poles (with one documented case being 21 feet!). Waxwood was used to create a more suple pole that would not break as easily. The primary deployment of the weapon was as a thrusting/stabbing weapon. Obviously, The Qiang was also designed to be thrown (and was particularly effective when used in mass). Often a silk pennant was attached (or related identifier) for the Commanding General of the particular Unit so it could be identified in battle. The Qiang was also used in Guard and Ceremonial duties as well.