Chinese Nu Siege Bow

  • Medieval Asia
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Named for the large Lin Nu Siege Bow, The Nu was an “automatic” repeating Crossbow. Examples of The Nu go back over 2,400 years. The Stock of The Nu was 2 to 3-feet long, with a locked vertical Bow roughly 3-feet long. Made of wood and later reinforced with brass fittings, The Nu had a small wooden box fitted onto The Bow Stock. A “Feeder Grove” linked up a series of Metal Sharpened Bolts, which were “Gravity fed”. A skilled Crossbowman could “lock and fire” up to (10) Bolts. Reproductions show that The Nu had an effective range of 100-yards. The Nu was at the height of it's deployment as a ranged weapon around the 3rd Century AD.