Chinese Nandao Sword

  • Medieval Asia
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Popular in the 14th Century in Southern China, The Nandao was similar in design and use as was the European Broadsword. The blade was roughly 35 inches long and features a unique hand guard – which served as a form of Sword Catcher. It weighed around 3-pounds. The handle Cross Bar inverted in two different directions. The Nandao Sword handle was known to be long (for one or two handed use of the weapon). The blad was single-edged and flared to a slight curve at the front (top) of the blade. Often an attached cloth or sink was tied to the rear of the handle (pommel), used as a “confusion” or “misdirection” device when close quarter fighting. The Nandao Sword was known to be carried with or without scabbard.