Chinese Nanchang J-12 Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

The Chinese Nanchang J-12 was a Chinese Fighter first tested in 1970.Heavily influenced by The Soviet MIG Fighter Series, it was among the first ''all-Chinese'' produced Fighters (1st Generation) to be used by The Chinese Air Force. A lightweight Fighter (touted by some as the lightest ever built), suffered from low powered armament, and only (5) prototypes were built. One is still known to exist as a static display. Piloted by (1), The J-12 was 35-feet long with a swept wingspan of 24-feet. Powered by a Single Wopen Engine, it produced 5,500-IBF Thrust. The J-12 was rated at 900-mph. Operational ceilings were claimed to be 55,000-feet. Proposed armament was intended to be (2) wing mounted Auto-Cannon. They also would have supported several AA Missile packages.