Chinese Ming Helmet

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By Crusader1307

From 14th Century China, The Ming Dynasty is well known for it's finely crafted art (of all kinds). The Dynasty was also well known for equipping it's soldiers with the best (and most innovative) weapons available. Such was The Basic Ming Helmet. Designed for Royal Troops (possibly infantry), The Ming Helmet consisted of 2 components. The first (and primary), was the one piece form fitting helmet. Made of many different type of metal (bronze, brass and iron), they were “fitted' by a leather lining cap placed inside (or worn about the head. Often highly polished or brightly painted, they also featured either a leather or bamboo wood skirting (attached around the base of the helmet). This component was designed to protect the sides of the head and the majority of the neck (from all angles but the front).Made of 3 smaller pieces stitched together (if wooden) – and riveted (if metal). The Ming Helmet was very popular and widely used during The Ming Dynastic Rule.