Chinese ''Luyang III'' Type 052 GM Destroyer

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By Crusader1307

The ''Luyang III'' – Class is a current Guided Missile Destroyer in use with The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Naval Forces. Deployed in 2014, the exact number of this Class of Warship is unknown. The Type 052 is 7,500-tons displaced. The Class is 528-feet with a Beam of 56-feet. Propulsion is provided by a combination of Gas and Diesel (exact configuration unknown). Exact Crewing numbers is also unknown. Weaponry (known) used includes – a primary 130mm Deck Gun and at least (3) Types of Vertical Launched Guided Missile Platforms in current use by The Chinese Navy. The Type 052 also deploys with several Active Radar and Sonar Systems (Types 346 and 518). This Class can also support a single Reconnaissance and Anti-Submarine Helicopter (deployed with The Type 052).