Chinese Ji Staff

  • Polearms & Spear
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By Crusader1307

The Ji can trace it's lineage back some 3,000 years into Ancient Chinese history as being one of it's first defensive weapons. Although different variations on heads have been made, The Ji was similar in design to many European Pole Arms. Primarily an infantry weapon (as well as a melle type), The Ji was based on it's cousin – The Dagger Axe. The head was a multi-purpose tool. It featured a long 3 foot iron or steel Spear tip (double-edged). Affixed to the lower portion of the Spear tip was a brace which featured 2 sharpened half-sickles. The whole affair sat on top of a 8 to 12 foot wooden pole (often with a sharped Spike at the end). The Ji could be used as a Spear or Axe (depending on need). During The Song Dynasty (8th Century), whole Armies were equipped with The Ji.