Chinese JH-7A ''Flying Leopard'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

Produced at the end of The Cold War Era, The Chinese Air Force and Navy's JH-7A ''Flying Leopard'' was first deployed in 1992. The Fighter is still in Chinese inventory today. Over 300 have been locally produced. Seen as a 'Fighter-Bomber'', The JH-7A was the counter to The US General Dynamics F-111 ''Aardvark'' (which is comparable). A robust Fighter ''Flying Leopard'' has (6) variants. Crewed by (2), The JH-7A is 74-feet long with a swept-wingspan of 43-feet. Twin Xian Qinling Turbofan Engines provide 12,000-IBF (Thrust) – with a rated airspeed of Mach 1.52 (1,123-mph). It's Mission range is over 1,000-miles with an operational ceiling of 52,000-feet. Armament varies from (1) 23mm Auto-Cannon and supports 20,000-lbs of munitions. The variety of Packages range from Air to Air, Air to Surface (Land and Sea) are common. Rocket Packages usually are of the 57mm type. The ''Flying Leopard'' does not support tactical Nuclear Devices.