Chinese J-9 ''Chengdu'' Interceptor Fighter

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By Crusader1307

It is known that at least a single Prototype of The People's Liberation Army Air Force's J-9 ''Chengdu'' Interceptor was built and test flown around 1975. The Interceptor was seen as the beginning of China's need to match similar type Aircraft used by both The Soviet Union (now Russia) and The United States. Much of it's technology for The J-9 was ''home developed''. However, overall technology in China at the time was far behind the ''idea'' and eventual inception of The ''Chengdu''. This plus the massive cost of producing a single Interceptor would cause The Project to be abandoned – again in 1975. The J-9 was 60-feet in length with a modified wingspan of 50-feet. Power was based on a Single Woshan Afterburning Turbofan Engine, capable of nearly 30,000-IBF (Thrust). Airspeed was between 700 to 1,100-mph (perhaps slightly more). The J-9 was crewed by (1). Operational ceilings were rated as 44,000-feet (as The ''Chengdu'' was seen as a direct interceptor for farther inland Cities. Armament was to include (2) 23mm Auto Cannon and (4) Air to Air Missiles of various types. It is unclear if The J-9 was going to be developed for Tactical Nuclear exchanges.