Chinese General Yichao Battle Flag

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By Crusader1307

The Tibetan Empire fell to Chinese Occupation in the 9th Century AD. The defining battle of which was at Dunhuang in 841 AD. The last surviving Tibetan Forces were trapped in a Cave and slaughtered by The Forces of Tang Dynasty General Zhang Yichao. He was identified in this battle by a series of Battle Flags (more appropriately, Banners). These would have been carried by His Personal Standard Bearers. The General no doubt carried The Dynasty Banner of The Tang, but His ''Personal'' Banner was known as a ''Rank Flag''. Unlike Modern versions used to identify a General staff Officer, Chinese Rank Banners were used to denote One 's ''place or social standing'' within The Imperial Court. Color varied, but it is assumed most Imperial Officers used Black in The Field. The General's Flag was a ''squared E'' shaped'' body, which featured (7) Black Streamers – or extensions. By way of example, The Emperor used a ''12'' Streamer Banner when present of Military Operations.