Chinese Dao Sword

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By Crusader1307

Considered on of China's “traditional” weapons, The Dao is among the most recognized of all Chinese Swords. Developed in the 13th Century, The Dao Sword ranged from 3 to 4 feet in length. Single-edged (with some variants featuring an additional cutting edge on the opposite upper 3/4 of the blade), Dao's featured a slight curve with a broader tip (similar with many Middle Eastern blades). A circular hand guard was applied to either a bone or wooden handle. The Dao Sword was a main component of The Imperial Army for many centuries. The Dao Sword was considered a slashing weapon first (and a stabbing weapon second). Often carried in elaborately decorated scabbards, Dao's were also symbolic of rank in The Ming Period (1368-1644). The design was so popular, many other Asian Nations copied the style (Korea and Japan). The Dao Sword was also extremely popular with Imperial Cavalry as well (for it's easy of use and reach from rider to an enemy on the ground). The Wushu Sword (popularized by Buddhist Monks in their combat training), evolved from The Dao.