Chinese Covered ''Swooper''

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By Crusader1307

Developed in The Tang Period (7th to 10th Century A.D.) - these Chinese Fighting ships were similar to the much later European Corvette Ship. Made of wood, The Swooper was roughly 175 tons (displaced) and 180 to 200 feet long. The beam (or height) of the ship varied greatly as well. Sometimes seen as “low” as 15 feet tall yo as “high” as 22 feet. The Swooper was a low draught ship. It featured a non-traditional “Deck Roof” made of heavy animal hide (no doubt to increase it's speed). Powered by 18 to 25 Oars, Swoopers were equipped with Spearmen and Archers. Their main function was to quickly traverse the distance between them and an enemy vessel. Due to it's somewhat “triangular” shape – boarding was near impossible. Some documents tell of “grease” even being placed on the outside of the the Swooper to prevent just this countertactic. Upon contact, The Swooper would deluge the enemy in a hail of Spear and Arrow.