Chinese ''Chaing Kai-shek'' 7.92mm Rfile

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By Crusader1307

The Chinese designed and developed ''Chaing Kai-shek'' Rifle (named for Chinese Forces General Chaing Kai-shek, during His and His Armies resistance of Imperial Japanese Occupation during World War II) – was 7.92mm Long Gun. Designed for Infantry usage, The Rifle was first developed in 1935 and was the primary choice for Chinese Forces throughout The War. Weighing 10-lbs. - the Rifle Production numbered close to 600,000 built (until 1949). Bolt actioned, The Rifle was capable of (15)-rpm. With a maximum effective range of 550-yards, it was seen as a reliable weapon (easy to fire and maintain). Many of The Rifles would find Their way into multiple Southeast (and Western) Asian Conflicts - to include The Korean War and later War in Vietnam.