Chinese CAIC Z-10 Attack Helicopter

  • Modern Era
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By Crusader1307

Although of Chinese design, The CAIC Z-10 Attack Helicopter was developed with the help of Kamov Rotorcraft in 2003. The first production Model followed in 2012. (120) Z-10s have been pressed into service with The Chinese Army. In addition to Ground Support, The Z-10 has Air to Air capabilities as well. There are (6) variants.


The Z-10 crews (2). They are 47-feet in length and 13-feet in height. Rotor blade diameter is 40-feet). Powered by (2) Turboshaft Engines, each is capable of 1,300-HP. Rated airspeed is 170-mph. The Z-10 has a Mission range of 500-miles with an operational ceiling of 21,000-feet. Armament for The Z-10 includes either a 23 or 25mm Chain Guns with the ability to support most Chinese AA and SA Missile and Rocket packages (up to 3,700-lbs of munitions). The Z-10 also boasts a robust Avionics defense system.