Chateau du Fleckenstein

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By Crusader1307

Located in Lembach, France – Fleckenstein was constructed around 1165. Built in a sandstone summit some 400 feet above sea level, it is unique in that it was built in the shape of a boat. The perimeter curtain walls extend around the Central Bergfield-type Tower. Originally 200 feet high, it feature 6 levels. Living quarters were located at the upper most floors, with room for support staff in the lower. A modest garrison on 150 troops were stationed there around 1674. Besieged by French Troops under Marshal Vauban, Fleckenstein fell without resistance. Regardless, The Marshal evacuated the occupants and completely destroyed the structure. Renovated first in 1870 and finally in 1958, it has been restored as much as possible. It was made a French Historical Monument in 1898.