Chanfron (Armor)

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

This Component of Horse Armor, was designed to protect a Horses head and "face". The shaped plated "Mask" was designed to completely cover the head to the snout  (with the lower jowls exposed). This afforded for the placement of a Bridle Bit. There were actually two categories of Chanfron. An "Enclosed" version featured the eye pieces of the Mask, completely closed - with just Slits placed for vision. The "Open" version had no protection for the animals eyes. This version did afford the best vision for the animal in battle  (despite the drawbacks). Chanfrons also often featured a protective plate fitted to the front. Sometimes, an actual metal "horn" was incorporated. Although such features were strictly decorative, the plates did add protection against direct blows to the animals front. Chanfrons were often very embellished with engravings. They were held in place (underneath the head and upper neck), with leather strapping fastened by buckles.