Celtic Armor

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By Crusader1307

Dating back as far as 1,200 B.C. - the peoples who would become identified as The Celts, were a highly organized Bronze Age Culture. As many as 6 Celtic-type cultures may have developed and spread throughout Central and Northern Europe. Encountered by Ancient Rome (with MANY conflicts, battles, and wars as a result), The Celtic Peoples were well versed in Armor and weapons making (with many surviving examples of their work dating to the 3rd Century B.C.). Although not a heavily “armored” people, examples of early Front Breastplate-type Armor (and especially helmets) – were used. Forms of heavy linen clothing (possibly lined with thick leather), matched with the aforementioned “armor” was probably used. A variety of different Shield-types (ranging from the iconic Yetholm to examples of Romanesque versions) – have been found buried with their Kings. Long and narrow Shields of plated Bronze seem to have been favored. Later examples (little surviving, but written of extensively by Roman Invaders to their Countries) – show (from the 3rd and 4th Centuries A.D.), a type of leather protective gear (that also incorporated a Warriors “load bearing” equipment).