Captianesco Hat

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By Crusader1307

Popular in it's Country of design and development, The Captianesco Hat was a style of 16th Century Italian Men's headgear. Made of reinforced cloth, it was designed in two versions. The original style was a one-piece form fitting piece that covered the top of the hair and the entirety of the Upper head. Material was flurred upwards to create decorative folds at the top. Subsequent versions were two-piece components which created much the same effect. The Captianesco was often made of fine cloth or felt. It was not a style of hat for Commoners. Preferred by Nobles and the emerging "Middle Class"  it was a popular staple in many late Middle Ages and Renaissance Countries. Often worn with a Skull Coif, colors varied. It was not seen much outside of Spanish or Italy. By the early 17th Century, Captianesco fell out of use.