Canadian V42 Stilleto Fighting Dagger

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By Crusader1307

The V-42 Stiletto Fighting Dagger was the primary close quarters combat weapon of The 1st Special Services Force. This "Commando" Unit was composed of Canadian and American fighters. Noted for their bright Red Berets, they were given the nickname of "The Devil's Brigade" by The German Army. Highly trained in hand to hand combat tactics, the need for a sturdy and reliable fighting Knife was a main priority. The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife was used as a template for their hand knife, The V-42. First deployed in 1942 (hence it's name "Version 42"), was considered a Dagger, which made it's blade much thinner. It was 7.5-inches long and hollow ground. Razor sharp, it was mounted onto a rubberized hand grip. An imprinted "Choil" (or thumb grip), gave the User and improved grip.  An excellent "Throwing Knife", The V-42 weighted 7-onces. Issued to all 1st SSF Soldiers, The V-42 became a "calling card" of sorts. Although the Unit was disbanded in 1944, The V-42 became part of the insignia currently used by The United States Special Forces - "The Green Berets".