Canadian Avro VZ-9 ''Avrocar''

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By Crusader1307

An unusual Project of The Cold War, The Canadian Avro VZ-9, known as The ''Avrocar'' was an experimental Vertical Lift, Take Off (VLTO) ''Aircraft'', first flown in 1959. The Program was greatly monitored by The US Government, as a possible ''future'' operational craft for their use. As such, The USAF funneled monies into The Avrocar Project. Seen as being just as fast as the then in use Jet Aircraft (and possibly faster, per Developers claims), The VZ-9 used a series of central Turbojets to generate lift via a Fan. The ''Car'' further eliminated the need for a tradition jet fuselage or even wings. This was accomplished by using a ''Saucer'' or Circular Design. The US Army also provided funding to The Project, seeing The Avrocar as a possible replacement for The Jeep and related small wheeled vehicles, used for battlefield observations and scouting Missions. The VZ-9 was ''Crewed'' by (2). It featured an 18-feet diameter and was 4-feet in overall height. The Craft weighed 3,000-lbs and constructed from aluminum alloy. The propulsion was provided by (3) Continental T-9 Turbojet Engines, which produced 660-IBF of Thrust. These turned a Central Turbine Fan. Speed was rated at 300-mph with a 10,000-foot operational ceiling. Mission range was roughly 900-miles. Weapons platforms were envisioned, with a variety of Heavy Machine Gun ''emplacements'' which could have been installed. The Avrocar was tested repeatedly – with any flaws being corrected. Several Prototypes were ''fielded'' for performance testing under ''battlefield conditions'' – all with great success. However by 1961, US Military Doctrine was rapidly changing toward Nuclear Weapons and related Counters. The Avrocar Project was canceled (although NASA did consider them for experimentation).