Canadian Avro CF100 Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

Canada’s first mass-produced Jet Fighter for it’s Air Forces – The Avro Canada CF-100 was a Straight-Wing, Ground Based Fighter. First introduced in 1951, it was popular due to it’s short take off and fast climb rate. The Canadian Air Force, who contended with often sub-zero temperatures, needed an all-purpose fighter to survive and operate in such Regions. The Avro CF-100 was the choice. Crewed by (2), The CF-100 was 17-feet long with a wingspan of 18-feet. It was rather small for it’s role. Powered by (2) Canada Orenda 11 Turbojets, The CF-100 could achieve over 800-mph. It did have a rather low operational ceiling at 45,000-feet. It could climb to 13,000-feet in 44 seconds. The CF-100 could range over 2,000-miles. The Canadian Air Force crafted (13) operational Fighter Squadrons for deployment throughout The Country. Variants were also sold to Belgium. So reliable as a Jet Fighter, that The United States of America briefly considered purchasing their first “Foreign Made” Jet (The CF-100) as a primary Fighter in The Korean War. The last CF-100 was deactivated in 1981. Many examples have survived into Flight Museums throughout The World.