Camp Blackshear

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

Blackshear Prison (also known as Camp Blackshear), was a Confederate Prison Camp, located near Blackshear, Georgia. opened late in The American Civil War (1864), the "Prison" in reality had more walls or structures. Nothing more but an open Glade surrounded by dense forest, is all that made up Blackshear. To ensure captured Union Soldiers did not escape, Artillery Pieces were arranged in a circle around the Camp. As many as 5,000 Union Prisoners were contained this way. During the Winter of 1864, many hundreds died from exposure to the cold (many without even blankets). As word spread of the advance of Union General William T. Sherman and his Army (cutting a swath through Georgia), the Camp was closed and Prisoners moved to Savannah, Georgia (and their soon release by his Forces).  Very little of the Prison exists. A small Cemetery in The Town of Blackshear, serves as the final resting place of those Prisoners who died their (most of whom are UNKNOWN).