California Mission Independence Flag

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By Crusader1307

As we have read with the History of The Spanish Mission Fort System, most of these structures were for religious purposes and rarely did they have any “political” roles. However, just as many Mexican Colonists (like Americans), wished to be free of Mexican Rule. Known as “Califorinos”, the locals Missions in their particular Regions became a primary meeting and gathering place for many of their “discussions” for independence. This set of “Colors” was raised over Santa Barbara and San Buenaventura Mission (of which is known in 1820). Reflecting the traditional Mexican National Colors of Green, White and Red, the center White Stripe featured the phrase “INDEPENDENCIA DE CALIFORNIA” . Forcibly removed by local Mexican Army Officers, several were resented to local “Padres” (and as such they wanted an explanation for the “defacement of The Mexican Flag”). Many (in sympathy for Mexican Rebels) could not account for how these flags made it to the “highest point” of either Missions roofs!